Restorative Justice: A Cross-Cultural Look at its Effects on Young Offenders

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2007

Project Description/Abstract

The goal of this research is to explore the effects of restorative justice as it applies to young offenders in the United States and Canada. A plethora of Canadian research strongly suggests that restorative justice serves as a preventative measure in terms of recidivism rates among young offenders in Canada (Smandych, 2001; Winterdyk, 2002; Hill, 2004). Restorative justice is one way to respond to a criminal act. This type of justice puts the emphasis on the wrong done to a person as well as on the wrong done to the community. It recognizes that crime is both a violation of relationships between specific people and an offence against the community. Wrongdoers must make reparation to victims, themselves and the community. Although restorative justice is only recently been seeping into aspects of youth offences in the United States, I am interested in its impact on recidivism rates.

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