Geochemistry of the Dillon Granite Gneiss: Implications for the Nature of Magmatism in the Ruby Mountains, Montana

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2008

Project Description/Abstract

The origin and tectonic nature of the Dillon granite gneiss has been the subject of debate for years. This study will investigate the geochemical and microstructural nature of this regionally extensive body. The goal is to characterize its chemistry and unravel the tectonic environment during emplacement ~2.5 billion years ago. The two main questions that I will address are; 1) is the Dillon granite igneous or sedimentary in origin and, 2) what type of tectonic environment existed during its formation. Deciphering between these models require refinement of current tectonics models that describe the evolution of proto-North America. Field relations play a vital role in understanding the evolution of this region. In conjunction with geochemistry, detailed microstructural analysis will be performed to provide insight into the post-emplacement tectonic history. Collectively, this information will used to construct a more detailed and complete tectonic model then has previously been developed.

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