The Marian Lawrence Peabody Diary: Digital Publication

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2009

Project Description/Abstract

Appointed editor of the Marian Lawrence Peabody Diary (1878-1968) by the Massachusetts Historical Society, a Summer Grant would allow me to prepare the diary for digital publication. While I have completed extensive work for the printed edition, the MHS recently decided to co-publish the diary with a premier digital imprint (most likely the University of Virginia). As digital editor, I will supervise conversion to web format, write a new introduction, glosses and annotation, conduct archival research and collate ancillary materials, particularly Peabody's artwork. Digital publication will substantially expand the scope and length of the manuscript and allow for marketing to a larger and more diverse readership. In copious detail, Peabody documents gender, modernity and upper-class American life in the early twentieth century and her engaging rendering of her inner life makes the diary an extremely valuable document, one deserving to be showcased as a digital publication.

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