Modeling a Community Resources Mapping Project for Strategic Community Development and Civic Engagement

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2013

Project Description/Abstract

As social complexity in and around local communties has increased, community development has confronted the need to address diverse interets and perspectives by employing collaboration and cooperation among various stakeholders. This project is aimed at suggesting another theoretical framework for collective problem-solving by strategizing interorganizational networks with assistance of multi-modes network analysis. It has reviewed literature in interorganizational collaboration, public-private partnership, stakeholder analysis, network analysis for stakeholder anaysis, and Formal Concept Analysis for multi-mode network analysis. Then, it has attempted to create a prototype matrix for modeling a community resources mapping project by using a software program, Concept Explore. It has also discussed how to incorporate the mapping project into Community Informatics, a technological strategy to connect community development efforts with emerging technological innovation such as civic networks, virtual community, and electronic democracy, for robust and sustainable community development.

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