The Six Systems of Classical Hindu Philosophy

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2012

Project Description/Abstract

The goal of my CARS-supported research in Summer 2012 was to create a select, annotated bibliography on primary and secondary materials regarding the famous Six Systems of Hindu philosophy. It is intended to be a tool to help students and researchers navigate the extensive range of Indian philosophical literature, in order to find work that would suit their needs and interests, and meant for publication in the Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO). Under the aegis of the CARS grant, I (i) identified the most important and relevant works for inclusion, (ii) read and reread many of them to ensure accuracy, (iii) schematized them in a way that is both true to the original systems and helpful in directing a student or researcher toward helpful materials, and (iv) provided annotation on each entry. I was able to complete my project in a successful and timely way, and it will be published in the Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO), Hinduism section. It is currently undergoing copyediting and translation to an appropriate web format, and is currently noted as forthcoming on the Hinduism page of the OBO.

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