State, Development, Democracy, Conflict and Terrorism

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2012

Project Description/Abstract

Globalization has dramatically changed the role of the state in today’s world. With increased interdependence between states, states now have less autonomy and find that their sovereignty is weakened. In this context, many states have become “failed states”: states that have lost their capacity to provide for their citizens and adequately manage domestic and foreign policy. This book-length project examines the concept of “failed states” with a critical eye, arguing that it offers limited analytical leverage and that an emphasis on state institutions, instead, is advisable. It does so relying on the expansive literature devoted to both “failed states” and state institutions, integrating case studies throughout to provide context to the discussion. The book (written with co-author Natasha Ezrow) is set for release this fall with Bloomsbury Publishers. This was made possible through the CARS Summer Grant, which enabled me to spend the summer writing the book’s core chapters.

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