Marion Lawrence Peabody Diary Project

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2004

Project Description/Abstract

Marion Lawrence Peabody’s exceptional, twelve-volume diary, which she kept throughout her long life (1875-1968), has sat, for the most part, collecting dust at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Appointed as Peabody’s editor by the New England Women’s Diaries Project and having signed a book contract with Northeastern University Press (2004), I plan to bring Peabody’s words to light. Her voice deserves to be heard and examined. Engaging, vivacious, and introspective, this upper class Bostonian left a detailed record of her world and her sense of self. Though we already think we know about upper class, urban women; in fact few of their “actual” words and little substantial scholarship is in print. With grant funding, I will broaden the scope of the project through additional reading and archival research, and then revise and submit the final manuscript to Northeastern University Press in September 2004.

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