Knowledge Management System Metrics (chapter 10)

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2005

Project Description/Abstract

The Summer Grant will be used to support the writing of a chapter for an upcoming textbook on Knowledge Management (KM) that will be published by Course Technologies(www.course.com) in 2006. This text will be authored by two prominent scholars in the field of Knowledge Management, Jay E. Aronson of the University of Georgia and Richard V. McCarthy of Quinnipiac University (see bibliographic refences below). I have been asked to contribute to this text by authoring a chapter on KM metrics. In addition, I will help develop the pedagogical supplements to the text (instructor manual, PowerPoint slides, cases, and experiemental activities). More long term, the activities supported by the Summer Grant will set the stage for an ongoing research stream with these two authors that will result in subsequent KM related projects and publication opportunities.

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