Geochemical Comparison Between the Price Creek and Dillon Volcanic Rocks, Blacktail Mountains, Montana: Petrogensis of Cenozoic Volcanism

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2005

Project Description/Abstract

Geochemical analysis is extensively used to provide insight into the origin and nature of volcanic activity. We have identified two distinct volcanic rock units in the southeast portion of the Blacktail range, however, nothing is known about their chemical composition or origin. The lowermost unit consists of a volcanic breccia in direct contact with granite gneiss which constitutes the basement in this area. Overlying the volcanic breccia is a sequence of lava flows and pyroclastic deposits. This proposal is designed to characterized the geochemical signature of rocks we term the Price Creek volcanics (PCv) and fingerprint their most likely origin and source. It has been suggested the PCv were erupted from the Dillon vocanic center, located at the nortwest end of the range. Knowledge concerning the nature and composition of these rocks will shed new light into their petrogensis and their subsequent tectonic history.

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