The Development of a Joint Research Project: Bridgewater State College and Acadia University

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Summer 2006

Project Description/Abstract

To develop a collaborative research effort with faculty from Bridgewater State College and Acadia University in Nova Scotia Canada. Together, we will investigate the effectiveness of the Decision Making Model (Bacon, 2002) as a preventive education protocol for Allied Health Care Practitioners when addressing the psycho-socio-emotional needs of their clients. The initial meeting of faculty from BSC and Acadia University will take place in Canada on March 23, 2006. This author will serve as Project Director and BSC liaison. The project goals for this grant are: 1) to coordinate an international research team of faculty from both institutions, 2) to develop a research study to investigate the success of the current teaching module and, 3) to identify funding sources to support the research project. Health care educators and students will benefit from this advanced training experience and from what we will learn from our research findings.

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