CARS Summer Grants are available for full-time tenured or tenure track BSU faculty and librarians. For librarians, release time is substituted for the stipend. This grant enables faculty and librarians to pursue creative, innovative ideas for the enhancement of research, teaching, and other scholarly activities during the summer. This grant is funded through the Provost and Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs.


Funded Projects from 2013

Poetry and Politics against Language in Shelley, Stuart Allen

The Body of Adonis: Royalist Marvell and the Villiers Elegy, Gregory Chaplin

Skepticism in Classical Indian Philosophy, Matthew R. Dasti

Using the NCANDS Dataset to Test Three Theoretical Models of Fatal Child Maltreatment, Emily M. Douglas

Exemplar or Empire: Articulating America's Role in the World in the 1900 Presidential Election, Jason A. Edwards

Indirect Data Migration in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Storage Systems, Chadi El Kari

Les Russes et Nous: The 1972 Summit Series and the Birth of Hockey Sovereignty in Quebec, Andrew C. Holman

A New Translation of Selected Greek Texts Attributed to Ephrem the Syrian, Kevin Kalish

Which Galaxies Are Making Stars? Star Formation in Three Super-Clusters of Galaxies, Thomas P. Kling

Conscientious Objection in Medicine, Gal Kober

Analysis of the Effectiveness of Pedagogical Tools Targeting Student Engagement in BIOL200/Cell Biology, Boriana Marintcheva

Simulating Realistic Psychological Response Data, Brendan J. Morse

Wavelets and Frames, Vignon Oussa

Modeling a Community Resources Mapping Project for Strategic Community Development and Civic Engagement, Yongjun Shin

Webs and Scapes: Cultural Applications of a Web Model of GeoGenerational Communication, Nancy L. Street

The Bishop's Law Book: The Creation and Use of a Canon Law Codex in the Tenth Century, Jeffrey R. Webb

Expanding Pathways Research: Learning from Women Formerly Incarcerated for Violent Crime, Judith S. Willison

Funded Projects from 2012

Practitioner Guidebook: Promoting Wellness and Facilitating Psychosocial Referral for Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers, Victoria L. Bacon

Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Invertebrate Diversity in Southeastern Massachusetts, Christopher P. Bloch

The Six Systems of Classical Hindu Philosophy, Matthew Dasti

Children's Death by Abuse vs. Neglect: A Comparison of Case, Child, and Family Characteristics, Emily M. Douglas

State, Development, Democracy, Conflict and Terrorism, Erica Frantz

Catholic Charity and Civic Performance in the Years before Quebec's Quiet Revolution: The Depression Hockey League, 1932-60, Andrew Holman

The Effects of Study Abroad and Working Memory on Processing Subject-verb (Dis)Agreement, Ryan LaBrozzi

Establishing Cross-Cultural Measurement Equivalence of a Popular Body Attitudes Questionnaire Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Brendan J. Morse

A Network of Associations: How Increasing the Association between Communal Traits and Science Can Increase Women’s Participation in Science Fields, Laura Ramsey

Convergence Properties of the Aluthge Sequence of Shift Operators, Kevin Rion

Reasoning about Steepness; Strategies of Fifth through Eighth Grade Students when Solving Steepness Tasks, Polina Sabinin

Cultural Perspective on the Aging Semantic Differential: Attitudes towards Older Adults among College Students in China, Jing Tan

Clinical Expertise, Scientific Knowledge and Trust: Epistemic and Ethical Challenges to Managing the Public's Health, Catherine A. Womack

Funded Projects from 2011

Variable Stars, Martina Arndt

Institutionalizing Poet’s Theater: The Cambridge Poets’ Theatre in the 1950s, Heidi R. Bean

Free Will, Agency and Selfhood in India’s Nyāya Tradition, Matthew R. Dasti

Child Welfare Workers' Experiences with Client Fatality and Trauma Symptomatology, Emily Douglas

Early American Foreign Policy Rhetoric: An Analysis of John Quincy Adams July 4, 1821 Oration, Jason Edwards

Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Use of Science Notebooks, Nicole J. Glen

“Nación en el hielo: Hockey, History and the Troubled Construction of Identity in Canada, 1875-2010”, Andrew C. Holman

The Effects of Instruction and Study Abroad on the Use of the Historical Present in Advanced Spanish Learners, Ryan LaBrozzi

Selling Alcohol as Medicine: Women, Health, and Public Relations in 1900, Thomas Mickey

A Longitudinal Investigation of the Self-Efficacy - Performance Relationship in University Classes, Brendan Morse

Cyclic Behavior of Vectors with Non-Zero Orbital Limit Points, Irina Seceleanu

Teachers’ Perception and Use of Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Middle School Physical Education, Deborah A. Sheehy

Immigration stress and adaptation: the resilience of the older immigrants, Jing Tan

X-phi Meets Ronald McDonald: An Experimental Philosophical Investigation into the Phenomenology of Eating Fast Food, Catherine A. Womack

Funded Projects from 2010

A Mathematical Study of M.C. Escher's Path of Life III, Heidi Burgiel

Child Maltreatment Fatalities: Perspectives from the Child Welfare Field, Emily Douglas

The Rhetoric of American Exceptionalism: Champions and Challengers, Jason A. Edwards

Problems and Possibilities: Reading and Writing Genres in Context (chapter on food), Kathryn Evans

Asbury Park: Race, Gender, and Gentrification on the Jersey Shore, Sandra Faiman-Silva

Transnational Metropolism: A Gender Analysis of Caribbean Migrant Experiences in Paris, France, Diana Fox