Pop Vocal Ensemble (April 19, 2106)

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Directed by Heather Holland


Patricia Bello

Brianna Crockett

Terry Doyon

Lindsey Franco

Nirorokis Guerrero

Hailey Hennessey

Consuelo Howard

Brian Kenny

Killian Kerrigan

Nathan Latter

Emily LaVerge

Colleen McDonough

Kate Morin

Ted Omo

Kareem Robinson

Michaela Rodenhiser

Emily Whitney

Jiaying Iris Zhu


Horace Mann Auditorium, Bridgewater State University


Blue Skies / Irving Berlin
Arranged by Roger Emerson
Full Ensemble

Home / J. Castrinos and A. Ebert
Consuelo Howard, Ted Omo, Emily Whitney

Cry Me a River / Arthur Hamilton
Brianna Crockett, Lindsey Franco, Emily LaVerge, Kate Morin

Somethings are Meant to Be / Jason Howland
from Little Women
Terry Doyon and Jiaying Iris Zhu

Great Escape / Sam Hollander
Lindsey Franco, Nathan Latter, Michaela Rodenhiser

Love Is An Open Door /Robert Lopez
from Frozen
Brian Kenny and Kate Morin

Run / Snow Patrol
Patricia Bello, Nirorokis Guerrero, Consuelo Howard, Emily LaVerge

Mama Who Bore Me / Duncan Sheik
from Spring Awakening
Brianna Crockett, Emily LaVerge, Colleen McDonough, Emily Whitney

Cry For Me
from Jersey Boys
Men’s Chorus

Bright / Maureen McDonald
Kate Morin and Nirorokis Guerrero

Better With a Man / Steven Lutvak
from A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder
Brian Kenny and Killian Kerrigan

Love Yourself / Justin Beiber
Nirorokis Guerrero and Hailey Hennessey

Would You Be Loved / Bob Marley
Consuelo Howard, Ted Omo, Emily Whitney

Sleeping / Glen Hansard
from Once
Hailey Hennessey and Killian Kerrigan

Cadillac Car / Henry Krieger
from DreamGirls
Brian Kenny, Nate Latter, Kareem Robinson

Girl Power Mash-up
Fight Song / Rachel Platten
Roar / Katy Perry
Girl on Fire / Alicia Keys
Women’s Chorus

Skid Row / Howard Ashman
from Little Shop of Horrors
Full Chorus

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Pop Vocal Ensemble (April 19, 2106)