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Social workers strive to end various forms of social injustice that cause the marginalization of people and their suffering. One way to dismantle social injustice is to engage in a self-reflective process. As a form of self-discovery, self-reflection guides us to recognize our own experiences of privilege and power as well as inequality and oppression. In this article, I utilize intersectionality as a method of self-reflection to examine the ways race/ethnicity, sexuality, and immigration status intersect and create a particular form of vulnerability. Making private experiences public takes courage. Nevertheless, through self-reflection, I reinforce my moral and ethical commitment to fairness, respect for diversity, and human rights for all!

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Lee, J. & Robinson, K.W. (2014). Self-Reflections of a Gay Immigrant Social Worker. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, 20(1), 15-28.

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