Guidebook to Graduate Study in Forensic Psychology and Related Fields

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2004

Project Description/Abstract

The academic field of Forensic Psychology is rapidly growing. New graduate programs have proliferated in North America and abroad over the past 5 years. In Fall 2001, I received a small grant to compile a guidebook to graduate study in this area. Since then, the number of programs offered in North America appears to have (at minimum) doubled. The current proposal is to update, revise, and add to the Guidebook to Graduate Study in Forensic Psychology. As the interest in this field grows here at BSC (we have a new ID Minor in Forensic Psychology), an up-to-date Guidebook becomes increasingly important. In addition to updating the directory, I also propose toad a guide to Applying to Graduate School in Forensic Psychology. This section will be added to the other advising sections (“What degree am I interested in?” and “Background information”). Potential graduate students will find this information invaluable.

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