Developing an Undergraduate Research Lab in Discursive Psychology

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2011

Project Description/Abstract

I am currently developing a laboratory in Discursive Psychology. The small grant will enable me to more effectively incorporate students in my primary scholarship: the coding and analysis of narrative data. I have several data sets which can be made available to students who work with me. First and most pressing, my research project with Allen Glicksman and his research team at the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging utilizes Atlas.ti, a qualitative data package which speeds coding and analysis. I therefore need to provide access to Atlas.ti to my student researchers, if they are to conduct hands-on research with me. In addition, other data sets of transcribed interviews are ready to be analyzed – discursive analysis is a very time-consuming process and student coders would be a valuable addition to my research agenda. The small grant will fund a laptop and software: Atlas.ti version 6.2 and MS Office Professional 2010 which includes the Access program which is a high-powered database system with query tools. This equipment will enable me to fill the gap between students who want to do research with me and data which is currently awaiting analysis.

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