Developing a Textbook for Teaching Psychological Competencies to Health Care Practitioners

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2005

Project Description/Abstract

Allied health practitioners are required to gain expertise in the psycho-socio-emotional domain to assist them with effective delivery of services when working with clients. Although competencies have been developed for the prospective allied health disciplines, course content and method of training has yet to be determined. This author has developed a protocol, the Decision Making Model, to assist educators with teaching these competencies to their students in the allied health professions. The focus of this project will be to identify resources to be incorporated into Section Two: Putting It Into Practice for the textbook, A Clinical Casebook for Health Care Practitioners Providing Services to the Physically Active. This section will include information and case studies on the psychological conditions commonly found in the physically active. This protocol will be used to guide the learner with assessing readiness for change and how to select appropriate behavior change strategies and resources.

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