The Music of the Sidis: An African Bridge to India

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2008

Project Description/Abstract

In 2004, A Rotary Foundation grant enabled the writer to travel to India for a period of three months to teach at the Delhi School of Music and to make a documentary film on the folk music of India. This resulted in a 2 part documentary film on one of the most intriguing group of people living in India, a community of East African origin know as the Sidis. The Sidis came to India from East Africa about eight to nine centuries ago and brought with them their rich musical tradition, keeping it alive and flourishing through the generations. The film documents the music and the interrelated cultural practices of the Sidi people. While the Rotary grant funded the expenses to purchase the necessary equipment and travel costs, the writer now having completed the film, needs additional funds to get the film professionally duplicated and packaged for distribution.

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