Sign Language “Storyreading” for Children Who are Deaf

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2007

Project Description/Abstract

By age 18 years, typical deaf students score at about the fourth or fifth grade level on standard reading achievement tests. With a current education focus on the use of American Sign Language (ASL) in deaf education, there has been a surge in the presentation of children’s literature in ASL on video/DVD. The focus of these videos/DVDs is on storytelling rather than on storyreading and, while the story’s illustrations are provided, the actual print of the story is not. This proposal is an initial effort to develop storyreading videos/DVDs for use with deaf children. Following the accepted procedures of read-aloud and shared-reading practices, stories traditionally used to facilitate literacy development in hearing children will be “read” in sign language. The “reading” of the story rather that the “telling” of the story, and the association of the print while “reading” would be the unique features of these materials.

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