Acquisition of New Response Pads to Run SuperLab Pro in Psychology Research Experiments

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Fall 2008

Project Description/Abstract

In psychological research, response time is often used to measure learning, cue salience, attention, automaticity, etc. Response time can also be used as a measure of implicit attitudes and cognitive bias. For example, my students and I are currently conducting two separate experiments in which participants are presented with legal case summaries and a series of questions about plaintiffs, defendants, and criminal or civil responsibility. Scaled responses and reaction times to questions regarding injury severity, cause, responsibility, preventability and punishment are recorded using SuperLab Pro software. To capture participants’ responses and reaction times, we have been using Cedrus five-button response pads. Originally purchased in 2004, the response pads are increasingly subject to failure, which may cause the program to abort. When this happens, the subject must be dismissed. In addition, the layout of the buttons on the five-button response pads does not correspond well to the array of possible responses in current studies. This proposal is for funding the acquisition of five new seven-button response pads. In these new pads, the buttons are arranged in an improved pattern, making reaction time data more accurate.

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