Innovations in Child and Family Policy

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2009

Project Description/Abstract

The purpose of this proposal is to seek funds to defray the typesetting costs for an edited book that I am publishing with Lexington Books. Innovations in Child and Family Policy is an edited volume of research papers that were presented at the 1st National Research Conference on Child and Family Programs and Policy in July 2008, a conference that I founded and chaired. Innovations is under contract with Lexington Books and focuses on current research of family problems and policy/programmatic solutions to those problems. Child and family policy is a growing interdisciplinary specialization within the social sciences. The number of times that “child and/or family policy” has appeared as the title of an academic paper in the EBSCO database has grown from about 100 times in the 1980s to nearly 300 just two decades later.

Despite this increased attention, at least 10 years has passed since a book similar to Innovations has been published. Many books have focused on child and family policy issues, but only from the perspective of one discipline. One of the unique aspects of Innovations is that it bridges multiple disciplines and thus, will appeal to a truly multi/interdisciplinary audience. Topics include child care, education, family leave, child welfare, family violence, prevention/intervention, and the justice system. Innovations has application for a variety of disciplines: psychology, sociology, social work, family studies, child development, economics, criminal justice, public/social policy, public health, and legal studies. Finally, it will appeal to academics, government agents, researchers, and decision/policy-makers.

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