Seduction of the English Garden

Document Type

Grant Proposal

Date Accepted

Spring 2010

Project Description/Abstract

I have finished writing a book entitled Seduction of the English Garden, based on my year of research at the Smithsonian, examining nineteenth century American seed and nursery catalogs as public relations tools. The focus of the book is how the catalogs privileged the view of nature called the English garden in essays, images, and ads. I have finished the book’s ten chapters plus an Introduction and Conclusion, currently a total of 80,000 words. This academic year I have been editing the manuscript, which will be ready to send to the University Press of Kentucky on March 1. The purpose of the CART Small Grant is, once Kentucky gives the contract, to pay a free-lance editor to prepare the Endnotes and Bibliography, edit the final version of the manuscript according to Kentucky’s requirements, and later create an Index.

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