Impact of the Economic Downturn on Schools

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In Fall 2008, in response to the recent economic downturn, as evidenced in state budget shortfalls, federal buy‐outs and interventions, and a series of additional events characterizing a slowing, stagnant economy, AASA examined the impact on school districts across the nation. While there are regional differences, the findings of AASA’s Economic Impact Survey, presented here, demonstrate that superintendents in every part of the country are subject to the realities of the economic downturn. While this benchmark data cannot predict a trend, it is difficult to deny that superintendents, in increasing numbers, are confronted by the looming financial crisis that threatens the progress schools have obtained and the stability they have enjoyed in the past.

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McCord, R.S., Ellerson, N.M., Jordan, K.F., Jordan, T., Lemons, R., Mattocks, T.C., Melver, T., and Orr, M. (November 2008). Impact of the Economic Downturn on Schools. American Association of School Administrators’ Report of Findings. Retrieved from: http://www.aasa.org/uploadedFiles/Newsroom/Press_Releases/2008/AASAEconomicImpactSurvey2008.pdf