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In this article, the author discusses aspects of the review made by Jonardan Ganeri on the collaborative translation of the first chapter of “Epistemology of Perception: Ga·ngeśa’s Tattvacintāma·ni, Jewel of Reflection on the Truth (About Epistemology): The Perception Chapter (Pratyak·sa-Kha·n·da),” by Stephen Phillips and N. S. Ramanuja Tatacharya. The author says that Ganeri argues in opposition of Phillips’ and Ramanuja Tatacharya’ interpretation on the nature of pramā·na

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Dasti, M., & Phillips, S. H. (2010). Comment and Discussion: Pramāņa Are Factive - A Response to Jonardon Ganeri. Philosophy East & West, 60(4), 535-540.

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