Submissions from 2020

Early Nyāya on the Meaning of Common Nouns, Matthew Dasti

Submissions from 2018

Skepticism in Classical Indian Philosophy, Matthew Dasti


Truths, Facts, and Liars, Peter Marton

State Power and Individual Rights in Dr. Seuss, Aeon Skoble

Submissions from 2017

The Nyāya-sūtra: Selections with Early Commentaries, Matthew Dasti and Stephen Phillips


Vātsyāyana: Cognition as a Guide to Action, Matthew R. Dasti

Stannis--Knight of Faith or Tragic Hero?, William J. Devlin


Carnap, Explication, and Social History, James Pearson

Submissions from 2016


[Review of the book Disagreement by Brian Frances], James Pearson

Submissions from 2015


[Review of the book: Indian Buddhist Philosophy by Amber Carpenter], Matthew R. Dasti

An Analysis of Truth in Kuhn's Philosophical Enterprise, William J. Devlin

Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions - 50 Years On, William J. Devlin and Alisa Bokulich


Beyond the Magical Thinking behind the Principal Principle, Edward W. James


[Review of the book Fatalism in American Film Noir: Some Cinematic Philosophy by Robert B. Pippin], Aeon Skoble


Looking Beyond Labeling: From Calories to Construction of New Menus and Venues for Healthier Eating, Catherine A. Womack

Submissions from 2014

Nyaya’s Self as Agent and Knower, Matthew Dasti

Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Indian Philosophy, Matthew Dasti and Edwin F. Bryant

The Philosophy of Michael Mann, Steven Sanders and Aeon Skoble

"Do You See?" Reflecting on Evil in Manhunter, Aeon Skoble


Natural Law and Spontaneous Order in the Work of Gary Chartier, Aeon Skoble

[Review of the book The Problem of Political Authority: An Examination of the Right to Coerce and the Duty to Obey by Michael Huemer], Aeon J. Skoble


Gender, Obesity, and Stigmatization, Catherine A. Womack

Submissions from 2013


Six Systems/Darśanas, Matthew Dasti


Review: Divine Self, Human Self: The Philosophy of Being in Two Gītā Commentaries, Matthew R. Dasti


Systematizing Nyāya, Matthew R. Dasti