The Center for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (CARS) holds its annual May Celebration to provide a forum for the faculty of Bridgewater State University to meet and share their work, discuss their ideas, and learn from one another. Through concurrent and plenary sessions and poster presentations, faculty members gather together to share and learn. The wide range of themes explored, experiences exchanged, and research showcased exemplifies BSU’s commitment to both research and teaching.

Browse the contents of CARS May Celebrations:

2006 – Discourse, Dialogue and Discovery
2007 - Achievements in Teaching, Research & Scholarship
2008 - Celebrating Our Milestones
2009 – Community of Scholars: Thinking Globally and Locally
2010 – Celebrating the Teacher/Scholar: Making the Most of Our Resources
2011 – Illuminations: The Broad Spectrum of Professional Development
2012 - CART to CARS: A Driving Force for Research and Scholarship Over 20 Years
2013 - CARS: Your Road to Research & Scholarship
2014 – Scholars Without Borders
2015 – Unexpected Connections
2016 – Investing in People and Inspiring Progress
2017 – Celebrating Our Achievements: Coming Together as One
2018 – Ideate, Innovate, Motivate – Let’s Celebrate!