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Transfer has become a significant pathway for obtaining a bachelor’s degree from four-year institutions. As a result, higher education institutions are faced with an increasing population of transfer students with varied academic backgrounds and readiness levels. Determining the placement of transfer students in the appropriate introductory-level mathematics course presents a distinctive challenge, and has not been the focus of many studies. In response, this article offers an analysis of the difficulties associated with the placement of transfer students and of the variety of practices regarding placement across select institutions. A narrative describing the placement system for transfer students adopted at a public four-year university in Massachusetts, as well as recommendations for other institutions for the implementation of a smooth, efficient and transparent mathematics placement system for transfer students, is provided.

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Seceleanu, I. & Metcalf, R. (2013, Spring). Reforming the Placement of Transfer Students in Introductory Level Mathematics Courses. The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 9(1), 41-51.

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