Cyberbullying and Information Exposure: User-Generated Content in Post-Secondary Education

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The term “Cyberimmersion” refers to the central role that the Internet and electronic communications now play in the lives of individuals born after 1980 in the First World. Cyberimmersion has transformed everything about bullying and harassment between youth in the First World. It has also transformed the information landscape, although confusion about the scope and nature of this transformation is common. User-generated content has opened the door to a vast “spillage” of information, both damaging and promising. Younger users evidence a high comfort level with technology but many remain naïve in the areas of electronic security, privacy, and information exposure. This report details research findings from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center on the frequency and nature of online interactions between college students, some of which encompass bullying and harassing behaviors and others of which deal with information sharing and exposure.

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Englander, E., Mills, E., and McCoy, M. (2009). Cyberbullying and Information Exposure: User-Generated Content in Post-Secondary Education. International Journal of Contemporary Sociology: Special Edition: Violence and Society in the Twenty-First Century, 46(2), 213-230.

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