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The Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) is an academic Center at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. By running a training program for graduate and undergraduate students in higher education, MARC offers free research, programs and services to K-12 schools in Massachusetts. Everyone benefits: future educators receive unique field training, and K-12 schools receive high-quality, no-cost programs and services. One important characteristic of MARC’s mission is to transmute significant research findings into concrete, useable information for K-12 teachers in the field. The sheer amount of information available today about bullying and cyberbullying can make any educator’s head spin. But despite the plethora of new research and findings, the current state of knowledge does permit us to make certain generalizations. Here are a handful of tips that any educator can use to help cope with, and reduce, bullying behaviors.

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Englander, E.K. (2011). Practical Ways to Reduce Online & In-School Bullying. The California Psychologist, 44(5), 24-25.