Scenarios in Strategic Information Systems Management

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Today’s CIO is faced with an increasingly complex business environment, making the strategic management of information systems (IS) a daunting task. Technological change, shifting customer needs and wants, and the trend toward globalization are just a few of the external factors that impact IS strategy during the formulation stage. Scenario planning is a technique that has been used in strategy formulation for decades in both industry and government. A review of the literature reveals a wide range of areas in which scenarios are being applied in the context of IS management. Examples involving industry trends, emerging technologies, IT project management, and systems analysis and design are presented. This paper links the inclusion of scenario planning as an integral component IS strategy development. A case study from the telecommunication industry demonstrates its value as a means to support IS strategy.

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Grossman, M. & McCarthy, R.V. (2006). Scenarios in Strategic Information Systems Management. Proceedings of the Twelfth Americas Conference on Information Systems, Acapulco, Mexico August 04th-06th 2006, 560-564.