Developing and Enhancing Organizational Leaders as Competitive Advantage

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Competitive advantages represent the lynchpin of a successful firm's corporate strategy. A firm's effort to dominate competitors requires a well-crafted strategy executed effectively. Leadership is critical both in formulating strategy and during the execution stage. Firms seek to concentrate on strengthening their competitive advantages as a way or retaining and improving their competitive position. Leadership has the potential for being one of a firm's competitive advantages. As such, firm's need to focus on selecting individuals with leadership potential and develop these individuals to be successful leaders occupying influential positions throughout the organization. A recommended educational model offers a framework for organizations to pursue a proactive approach in developing effective leaders and more importantly, create a systematic process that ensures that leadership remains one of the organization's competitive advantages.

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Ross, S. (2007). Developing and Enhancing Organizational Leaders as Competitive Advantage. International Journal of Business Strategy, 7(2), 186-197.