The Effects of Stride on Bat Swing Time in Slo-pitch Hitting

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The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of stride technique on the bat swing time in the skill of slo-pitch hitting. Ten elite players participated in the study, and each hit twelve balls with each of three different stride techniques. A three-dimensional bat swing analysis was conducted, and the results showed that the participants did not show any statistical significance between different stride techniques in bat swing time. This study suggests that participants may use all three stride techniques of open, parallel, and close to hit the ball effectively. Future research studies are warranted to examine the influence of pitched ball locations and ball field placement locations on bat swing time.

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Wu, T., Gervais, P., Baudin, P., & Bouffard, M. (2013). The Effects of Stride on Bat Swing Time in Slo-pitch Hitting. Proceedings of 31st International Society of Biomechanics in Sports: Chinese Journal of Sports Biomechanics, 5 (Suppl. 1). 452-455.

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