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Testicular cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among younger males, and, if detected early, it is highly curable.

Objectives: Specific to testicular cancer, after this lesson, students will be able to (1) identify the two main forms, (2) identify genetic and behavioral risk factors, (3) access valid and reliable information, (4) assess personal beliefs/feelings about testicular self-exams (TSEs), and (5) correctly identify pathological and non-pathological testes as demonstrated through palpation of latex models.

Primary Audience: High-school through college-aged students. The instructor may decide to present the lesson in single sex classrooms if student or parent discomfort level exists.

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Leone, J., Maurer-Starks, S., & Williamson, J. (2011). Latex: It’s Not Just for Condoms! A Learning Experience to Actively Engage and Educate Students Regarding Testicular Anomalies. Health Education Teaching Techniques Journal, 1, 135-145.