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This article examines the accessibility of foreign-flag cruise ships for disabled people under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The majority of cruise ships have foreign registrations, thus avoiding payment of U.S. taxes and compliance with U.S. labor regulations. In large part, this is due to the age-old practice that the nation registering the ship also governs internal affairs of the ship. However, foreign-flag cruise ships are required to comply with U.S. regulations governing mandatory sanitation inspections of food preservation and preparation, as well as emergency operations, including fire alarm systems and lifeboat drills.

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Huber, J. H., Stein, J. U., & MacKool, J. (2005). Accessibility of foreign-flagged cruise ships: Does the Americans with Disabilities Act stop at U. S. shores? PALAESTRA: Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation for Those with Disabilities, 21(3), 30-34.