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The article discusses the performance of wheelchair athletes at the 2007 Boston Marathon. A discussion of concerns about the safety of the participating wheelchair athletes in the marathon which were raised by bad weather at the event is presented. The results of the men's wheelchair division, which was won by Masazumi Soejima of Japan, the women's wheelchair division, which was won by Wakako Tsuchido of Japan, all time men's top ten finish times which were led by Ernst Van Dyk of South Africa, and the all time women's top ten finishers which were led by Jean Driscoll of Illinois are presented.

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Huber, J. H. & MacKool, J. L. (2007). Wheelchair Athletes’ Challenges with the 2007 Boston Marathon. PALAESTRA: Forum of Sport, Physical Education & Recreation for Those with Disabilities, 23(2), 26-31.