Sprint performance: The reliability of a run to exhaustion

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This investigation was conducted and designed to determine the reliability of a run to exhaustion treadmill protocol; the Robinson protocol. Male subjects from Springfield College (n = 5) participated in three trial runs on the treadmill. The first trial was a modified McConnell maximum oxygen consumption test to determine the aerobic capacity of each subject. The second and third trials were identical run to exhaustion protocols where the subject warmed-up for 15 min at 75% of VO2max, rested 5 min, and then ran to exhaustion at 100% VO2max (58.97 ml/kg/min±5.25). No significant difference was found (p>0.05) between the two run to exhaustion trials, and the paired samples correlation (p=0.001) was 0.993. Finding that there was no significant difference between trials enables future researchers to utilize the Robinson protocol with confidence that the trials will consistently be the same.

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Robinson E.M., Graham L.B., Headley S.A. (2001). Sprint performance: The reliability of a run to exhaustion. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, 4(2), 6-9.