Weight control beliefs and behaviors of middle school athletes

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The current study examined the weight control practices and beliefs of 371 middle school athletes. The participants in the study participated in an average of 4.4 sports. More than 36% of the athletes indicated that they wanted to lose weight and more than 44% declared that they looked fat. While significant numbers of the students reported using their sports participation to lose and to maintain weight, fewer athletes engaged in fasting, vomiting, and taking pills. The girls participating in the study were significantly more likely than boys to engage in all forms weight control behaviors and to endorse weight dissatisfaction beliefs. Weight dissatisfaction and weight control behaviors are broken down by sport.

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Burak L.J., Burckes-Miller M. (2000). Weight control beliefs and behaviors of middle school athletes. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 8(4), 287-297. https://doi.org/10.1080/02673843.2000.9747858