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The purpose of this study was to examine the kinematics of lower body and trunk between forward and backward skating. Seven male collegiate ice hockey players skated both forward and backward (C-cut) four times each. A standard two-dimensional kinematic analysis was conducted to examine the lower body extremity and trunk at the instants of weight acceptance and propulsion. No significant differences in the joint angles were found at the weight acceptance. At the propulsion, significant differences were found in the joint angles of hip, knee, ankle and trunk between forward and backward skating. Hence, these findings indicate the importance of strengthening lower body joints and trunk, particularly for forward skating. Future studies are warranted to examine the mechanics of forward and backward skating using a 3D analysis.

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Wu, T., Pearsall, D.J., Russell, P.J., & Imanaka, Y. (2015, June 29-July 3). Kinematic Comparisons between Forward and Backward Skating in Ice Hockey. Paper presented at the 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports. Poitier, France.