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Researchers have begun to focus attention on the participation of teacher educators in communities of practice (CoPs) and the role that participation plays in improving the quality of teacher education. This case study explores an inter-university CoP (sustained for over 10 years) that includes four faculty members at three universities, who work collaboratively on teacher education program development (e.g., accreditation), research, and service. This exploration is situated in the literature on CoPs, professional capital, and teacher educators’ involvement in CoPs. In this paper the evolution of this inter-university CoP and each CoP member’s personal meaning is shared. Key influences of this involvement in our professional learning (PL) and suggestions for teacher educators’ PL as members of an academic community are offered.

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Sheehy, D.A., Bohler, H.R., Richardson, K., Gallo, A.M. (2015). Professional Learning Community: Thriving While Facing the Challenges of Faculty Life Together. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 8(1).