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Dear JIWS authors and readers: the JIWS has received such a robust number of submissions that our issues are full through January 2024. We have 10 special issues that will be published between the date of this posting (4/25/22) and 1/15/24, as well as our regular issues in May 2022, August 2022, January 2023, and August 2023, finally January 2024. As a result, we are closing submissions till early January 2024 when the submission link will again be opened. As many of you know, we are a small team; the Executive Editorial team and our Editorial Review Board are volunteer positions. This suspension period will allow us to produce high quality issues that we hope will educate and inspire. Thank you for your understanding—the JIWS Editorial Staff.\.

Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 4 (2022) Violence against Women and Girls in Africa in the Absence of Ubuntu




The angst of the Dehumanized: Ubuntu for Solidarity
Lillykutty Abraham and Krishna V. P. Prabha


Vatsonga Cultural Practices and their Impact on the Health of Widows and Significant Others
Fanisa Baloyi, Jabulani Owen Nene, and Azwihangwisi Helen Mavhandu-Mudzusi


Physical Abuse in the Absence of Ubuntu
Ranjit Singha and Yogesh S. Kanna

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