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The search for effective forms of intervention is ongoing and therapeutic riding is emerging through research as a successful form. It is now more important than ever to discover effective interventions as the COVID-19 pandemic has jolted the education of many students, especially those with a disability. Most teachers were forced to implement an online teaching method to continue serving their students safely. Even when special education institutions remained open, many parents elected to keep their children home due to medical vulnerability and the risks that attending in-person education posed (Asbury et al., 2021). According to, Raghul et al. (2021) , 93.9% of the 30 special educators in their study reported: “difficulties in meeting the learning needs of the students” during online learning (p.1250). During this time of online learning, parents of students with exceptional needs were required to become their teachers and help guide them through school in addition to their other responsibilities. This research aims to evaluate parental perceptions of the effects of therapeutic riding on their children’s academic performance before and during COVID-19.


Special Education

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Dr. Ashley Rodrigues, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Kerri Olore, Committee Member
Dr. J. Edward Carter, Committee Member