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Brands frequently offer consumers the opportunity to win prizes or be entered into a sweepstakes by asking for likes, shares, tags and even content creation. However, many consumers are not interested in interacting with their social media audience for the sole purpose of remuneration. This study explores the willingness of Gen Z to participate in remuneration posts and the likelihood of liking, sharing, tagging and more. Findings reveal that most Gen Z consumers are willing to like a post in order to be entered to win something, but further engagement is less likely. When using more popular platforms like Instagram, Gen Z consumers are more likely to participate in sharing activities and low self-monitors are more likely to participate when their friends and followers share things. Those with a higher number of friends and followers are also more willing to share and tag than those with a low number of friends and followers. Younger and female participants are more likely to participate with luxury brands however males are more willing to participate on twitter which they use more regularly.


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Dr. Stephanie Jacobsen, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Xiangrong Liu, Committee Member
Dr. Marian Extejt, Committee Member

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