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I chose to do this research surrounding multi-sensory learning in the classroom due to my personal experiences within elementary schools, both as a student and as a teacher. Growing up, I remember I always learned the material best when it was presented on different platforms, such as with hands-on manipulatives or singing songs rather than reading out of a textbook and doing independent worksheets. Despite learning in this way, most of the classes I had taken up until graduation was all textbook-oriented, which I felt hindered my ability to strongly grasp the content which I was being taught. The goal of my research was to learn about the role of multi-sensory learning in the developmental domains of elementary-age students. My learning preference and recent research I had conducted for other classes on development inspired me to conduct this research. Due to my desire to have an inclusive classroom, I feel as though the knowledge gained from this project has provided me with different methods and practices which has prepared me to teach a diverse group of individuals. I had hoped to learn more about this teaching style to understand the benefits of this diverse teaching style, as well as get a strong foundation that I can use in my own classroom.


Elementary and Early Childhood Education

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Dr. Jacquelynne Boivin, Thesis Advisor
Dr. Jeanne Carey Ingle, Committee Member
Dr. Andrea Cayson, Committee Member

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