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This Creative Honors Thesis titled Smooth as Raven's Claws is a novel that focuses on a young mixed martial arts fighter named Dennis Lopes after his release from prison and his struggle to find a place in the corrupt world he is entering. The piece is populated with many characters whose lives intersect as they form a radical group of young outcasts and misfits that try to create positive change in the fictional Chatgrove City, though not by positive means. Dennis becomes a masked vigilante known only as “The Raven”, and he uses his newfound persona and followers to try and overthrow a corrupt mayor named Benjamin McGivens. This novel explores themes such as corruption in the state and the individual, sources of power, and the effects of keeping secrets from those we love. In line with contemporary reboots of superhero films and graphic novels, this story pursues darker and more complex themes where good and evil coincide in both heroes and villains.



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Lee Torda (Thesis Director)

James Crowley

Bruce Machart

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