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This paper will dive into research by those in the field of women studies and international business to analyze the reasons behind the lack of expatriate women through examination of (1) the current status of women in business in the U.S. compared to the Middle East, (2) importance of being an expat to the professional future of women, (3) stereotypes surrounding women as managers (4) why companies are not sending women on international assignments, and (5) how the political status of the U.S. today could affect women in international business. Globalization has created a competitive market where the need for expatriates is necessary in the success of companies. Companies have had to start moving away from homogeneity and towards diversifying their workforce: they must be ready to merge cultural differences, create a diverse management team, and be able to integrate different perspectives to be successful in the international market. Research that will be discussed in the paper shows that companies are still having difficulties looking past gender stereotypes, even if the women are as qualified as their male counterparts, and justifying their actions of not selecting women on the assumption that women do not want to be sent abroad.



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