Sport and Identities in Quebec

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Book Chapter


This chapter examines aspects of the history of sport in Quebec, from its origins as a series of anglo-elite gentlemanly pastimes to its place as a vector for national affirmation among francophones and others in the province. The chapter shows that sport has been implicated in the turbulent political culture of Quebec since the mid-nineteenth century. Sport has been a site where the interests of Quebec’s First Nations, Anglophone, francophone, and immigrant communities have been articulated – sometimes in consensus, sometimes in conflict. Sport reflects the complex ethnic history and cultural present of the province. In Quebec, sport is at once a catalyst, a proxy, and a mirror for the national question.

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Holman, A. (2016). Sport and Identities in Quebec. In S. Gervais, C. Kirkey, & J. Rudy (Eds.), Quebec Questions: Quebec Studies for the Twenty-first Century (2nd Ed.) (pp. 120-134). Ontario: Oxford University Press.

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