The College of Graduate Studies at Bridgewater State University offers an array of graduate degree, licensure and certificate programs to meet the needs of Southeastern Massachusetts and beyond. Led by scholars, researchers, teachers and practitioners from the graduate faculty, our offerings include a variety of nationally accredited master’s degree programs in professional studies, education, arts and sciences, and business. Working in close collaboration with the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Ricciardi College of Business, Bartlett College of Science & Mathematics and the College of Education & Allied Studies, the College of Graduate Studies ensures high-quality, research-based, stimulating and intellectually challenging experiences to those who seek expertise in their professions and a commitment to life-long learning and scholarship.

Virtual Commons offers open access copies of Master’s program theses and projects completed by graduate students who have submitted them electronically since December, 2013. The authors of these documents retain copyright to the intellectual property these works represent in their current form.


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