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“Dispatch From Flipping A Record" is a flash creative non-fiction piece written in first person. It opens with me holding a vinyl record between my two hands, poised to flip it over, but not rushing through this liminal moment. I ruminate on the intentionality of this space between songs. Next, I cast my gaze down onto the tracks carved in wax and compare them to a poem I am drafting back on my desk. The former is fixed and finished. The latter is rough and fluid. I draw hope for my poem that it too can have space to step into. The piece is separated into paragraphs and comes in just under 500 words.

Note on the Author

Nicholas Howard is a current graduate student pursuing his Masters of Arts in English at Bridgewater State University. He composed this flash creative nonfiction piece as part of his thesis work under the advisement and guidance of Dr. Sarah Fawn Montgomery during school year 2021-2022. He plans to graduate in spring of 2022 with a creative writing thesis entitled Take A Moment that explores through poetry and creative nonfiction the promise of pausing and being present.

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