The Graduate Review


Mobile application development requires mindful and meticulous planning. Application design should be responsive and intuitive so that navigation feels natural for the user. All targeted devices should be offered a relatively consistent experience. To ensure this, app performance needs to be closely monitored and different screen sizes and aspect ratios need to be considered when scaling. For an app to become attractive to many people, it should either be competitive with similar apps or be unique and interesting enough to entice people to download it. A unique app should couple familiar elements with new components or twists [8]. People are more apt to approach and adopt something new if they can relate to it in some capacity [6]. A mobile game developer has access to a large player base who are almost entirely connected to the internet. This enables modern revenue models to be pursued. Developers can weigh user’s feedback to push regular updates and incremental improvements to an app, meaning that the developer can take greater risks while creating an app. With a revenue model that depends on in-app purchases and/or advertisements, data integrity and data persistence are more important than ever. Preventing users from manipulating their data and pirating content is critical. Bringing all these pieces together, game developers can create secure, accessible, and engaging experiences for players.

Note on the Author

Trevor is pursuing his Master of Science in Computer Science. His research project began in 2020. This research project is still in progress during spring of 2022 under the mentorship of Dr. Enping Li. Trevor's graduate studies and research are funded by the GAANN fellowship. He plans to begin work as a software engineer in June of 2022.