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Artist’s Statement:

My work is a result of my personal experiences as a woman. It is a reflection and interpretation of time and place. My intention is to convey an idea based on memories and the passage of time. I explore and reflect on themes and subject matter that are connected to the natural process of my life. Therefore, my investigation of the past and present is an important force in my creative process. The multiple roles I’ve chosen continue to have a strong hold on me, and I search to find the balance.

The female figure and symbols within the space I create are intended to communicate my personal experiences. The mythological females can be seen as both courageous and vulnerable beings. It is my intent to depict those emotional forces that hold and keep us grounded in life. Images that are seemingly autobiographical in nature move beyond this element and femininity. Through the process of art inquiry, I am able to make pivotal discoveries about myself. It is this investigation that helps to reconcile critical relationships and events within my life. The result is a purposeful journey and gradual progression into the life of an artist.

My works on paper and method of layering line, shape, and color can be seen as a metaphor for life’s evolvement. It is within these formal art elements and environments that I wish express personal ideas and experiences.


Protective Armor

Note on the Author

Germana is a middle-school art teacher who is pursuing her Masters of Arts in Teaching.

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