07: Mating Behavior


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When sexually mature, odonates return to the aquatic environments from which they emerged. Mating behavior involves the formation of a “mating wheel” as shown here; these are stream cruisers (Didymops transversa). The male uses specialized organs at the tip of its tail to grasp the female behind her head. The female then gathers sperm “packets” by reaching around with her tail to the base of the male’s body.

About the Traveling Exhibit

A series of ten large (approximately 20” x 24”) photographs (on aluminum) which illustrate the life cycle of these insects is available as a traveling exhibition. Accompanying text and captions (on separate panels) provide further information and describe the illustrated behaviors. A companion website (http://www.frg-photo.com/ode_exhibit/) expands on the exhibit by providing additional photographs and links to further information.

This exhibit is designed to inform the general public and is appropriate for display in venues such as schools, public libraries, and nature sanctuary visitor’s centers. The standard loan period is one month; use of the images is available at no cost.

Please contact the artist, Frank Gorga (frank@frg‐photo.com), for further information or to arrange an exhibit.

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